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In the recent years, a number of efforts have been made for cataloging and critically compiling this vast amount of scholarly heritage in China and Japan for their own possessions, and therefore well-arranged texts are now available to the modern researchers of East Asian studies.

Nevertheless, until recently, the texts of the similar nature surviving in Korea were not arranged in a desired manner, and such a situation made the researchers even in Korea difficult to have an access to many of these texts or to have the whole picture of about the study of Confucian classics in Korea of the traditional times.
Despite the concentrated efforts of many experts and a long period of time spent for editing, this complete collection for the Korean texts on the study of Confucian classics was not yet complete for users - since it was not fitted with index. To solve this problem, the Jongyeonggak of the Academy of East Asian Studies, Sungkyunkwan University (成均館大學 校 東亞洲學術院 尊經閣) , commissioned by the Korean government, has computerised this collection which is fitted wi th a diverse searching methods.